13. Brothers
Best Of 2010 Albums - The Black Keys

Six albums into their career and The Black Keys seem to have found a new lease of life. ‘Brothers’ is Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney’s reaction to their 2008 Danger Mouse-produced ‘Attack & Release’ - their well-trodden blues rock path now boosted with sonic tricks and fl ourishes. Most startling was Dan’s piercing new vocal range, like a refi ned Jack White, and the warmth he evoked. In songs like ‘Everlasting Light’, ‘Too Afraid To Love You’ and the bass-heavy ‘Sinister Kid’, the Keys have distilled the stirring candor from the legendary Muscle Shoals studios at which it was recorded. The Black Keys may already have your feet, now they’ve got your heart.

Best Bit: The video for ‘Tighten up’ in which Dan breaks Patrick’s nose with a snare drum.


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