20. The Age Of Adz
Best Of 2010 Albums - Sufjan Stevens

This chamber pop troubadour, oft found eulogising American states, instead blew our minds with an experimental electronic opus that sounds more like he is juggling galaxies than tinkering on his trusted ukulele. The title track witnesses his beloved strings but wraps them around processed horns that explode like they’ve travelled through collapsed suns along with a celestial choir as Sufj an sets his controls for unchartered space. Weaving in his pleading vocals around a sonic haze that’ll cause ripples all the way to The Animal Collective’s recording den, ‘The Age Of Adz’ is one of the most experimental but delightful departures of the year. Launch your eardrums on a mission into the sound of starlight.

Best Bit: The twenty-five minute closer ‘Impossible Soul’, which ebbs increasingly from ethereal folky throb to epic pop hooks at each magnificent swell.


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