37. Beachcomber's Windowsill
Best Of 2010 Albums - Stornoway

Cast your mind back to 2009: the end-of-year lists were dominated by tales of gentle warriors taking on the world with their tambourines, multi-vocal harmonies and acoustic guitars. Disappointing to some, these folky protagonists appear to be largely absent from 2010’s musical trajectory. Aside from Stornoway of course. Modestly channelling the spirit of folk revived by predecessors like Mumford And Sons, here we have an example of songwriting at its most classic and sequential, where coherent narratives take the lead. Genuine and unpretentious and as relatively obscure as their Scottish namesake, Stornoway may have slipped through the net for many this year, but their role in shaping 2010’s sonic landscape was indeed vital.

Best Bit: The sheer exuberance of ‘Zorbing’.


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