36. Wake Up The Nation
Best Of 2010 Albums - Paul Weller

After the expanse and variety of the double ‘22 Dreams’, Weller’s ‘White Album’, things were reined in considerably for its follow-up. Songs averaged two and a half minutes, squeezing sixteen into forty minutes, and were forceful fusions of R&B, rock and roll, psychedelia and soul designed to provoke life into a stale music scene, proving Weller’s fi ghting spirit is yet to dim. Guest appearances from MBV’s Kevin Shields and former Jam cohort Bruce Foxton added to the album’s intense diversity. “I like the idea to challenge my audience,” Weller told Clash, “but try and hopefully take them with me as well, you know? ‘Let’s go and explore this new place together.’”

Best Bit: ‘Fast Car / Slow Traffic’ sees Weller’s punk roots return - with added piano tinkles...


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