4. Black Noise
Best Of 2010 Albums - Pantha Du Prince

Marketed as “German minimal techno” by his ill-considered press release, producer and DJ Hendrik Weber does not make face-melting club bangers destined for finger pointing in some of Berlin's sweatier basement dives. Minimal he may be, but there is a gentle, glistening, almost icy beauty to Weber's minimalism. Imbued with onomatopoeic qualities, 'Lay In A Shimmer' perfectly encapsulates the album's fairer temperament; the low pulsating throb and rhythmic glockenspiels are as soporific as they are alarming. One of the most heralded musical anti-heroes of 2010, this largely anonymous lone ranger came, saw and conquered, armed with a laptop and plenty of electronic reinforcements.

Best Bit: In a melding of two brilliant minds, Panda Bear/Animal Collective cohort Noel Lennox chimes in for vocals on 'Stick To My Side'.


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