11. /\/\ /\ Y /\
Best Of 2010 Albums - M.I.A.

The hurricane that is M.I.A. blustered back with a mutant album of bass and aggression, a banned video foregrounding Tamil genocide, a marriage to the son of Warner Music, a first child and a violent kick against America’s media machine. “If you’re not ‘The One’”, she quips, “then it doesn’t matter because the next month there will be someone else. It’s just supporting an ideology of consumerism.” The result of such disparate forces ensured her most schizophrenic, liberated and abrasive album yet. MIA spits frustrations over dubstep, dancehall and thrash whilst riding a wave of ideology intent on reversing the vagaries of state sponsored violence, data control and freedom of expression. Shocking. Provocative. Unique.

Best Bit: After a uS hack misquoted and criticised her, Maya fought back via a Twitter spat and a tune secretly sampling the real conversation.

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