24. Infra
Best Of 2010 Albums - Max Richter

There’s something about deftly controlled strings that can stir the heart and no man knows more about achieving that than classical composer and audio manipulator Max Richter. “It’s a weird, emotional world,” he says of the sound of ‘infra’, “because it’s got a sort of hallucinogenic quality; some of it’s quite bleak.” Hugely expressive refrains are interspersed with the background hum of life, forming an utterly compelling, if completely unspoken, narrative which weaves its intense way through this stirring instrumental record. Developed from the soundtrack to a modern dance by the same name, ‘infra’ is a fine record in its own right, and Richter’s best to date.

Best Bit: ‘infra 4’ might well be the most emotive piece of music released this year. Could make grown men weep.


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