9. This Is Happening
Best of 2010 Albums - LCD Soundsystem

One-man hurricane and punk funk noisenik James Murphy has dazzled over the last ten years of LCD with a litany of 12” club bangers, visceral live shows and some fascinatingly erudite observations. But his third album is allegedly his last as he murmured: “I’ve gotta go out the way I came in, which is making something that I’m interested in and keeping it weird and wonky.” ‘This Is Happening’ definitely happened, launching with the off-kilter filth of ‘Dance Yourself Clean’, then breaking into hedonistic anthems such as ‘Drunk Girls’ and the observational nuance of ‘Pow Pow’ - it was solid, smart and searing dancefloor ammo. In a while, Murphy.

Best Bit: Album closer ‘What You Need’ is LCD at his best, sizzling a warm, jacking anthem angled firmly at the heavens.

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