23. Latin
Best Of 2010 Albums - Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck have finally outgrown their name and are making the music that makes them Lou Reed and Thom Yorke’s pick. These chaps used rewired Speak & Spells for their ‘Latin’ album to create some of the moodiest, chunkiest acoustic electronica of 2010. It premiered next to the crankers and loners on the Chatroulette scene to good effect. Says Graham Walsh: “We play low-fi, tactile instruments: I have an old synth from the early 1980s that was made for amateurs; we also we use kids’ toys 35mm film synchronizers, things that are really limiting, but force you to use your musical brain differently. It’s what makes our sound.”

Best Bit: Forget Drum Eyes, this is posh home-made IDM that you can take back to mum.


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