25. High Places vs. Mankind
Best Of 2010 Albums - High Places

With their second album, Los Angeles duo High Places - Mary Pearson and Robert Barber - decided to do something brave. They took on humanity. What’s more, they did it incredibly well. Where their fi rst record was a collage of experimental sounds, ‘Vs Mankind’ used more conventional song structures, yet retained an unconventional edge. “We always thought our songs were straightforward,” explains Mary, “but other people were like, ‘No, actually, that’s pretty weird!’” ‘Vs Mankind’ demonstrates that you can be both straightforward and weird. More importantly, it shows that bands who are willing to push the boundaries aren’t shooting themselves in the foot- they’re showing the world exactly how to do things.

Best Bit: The spooky sonics of ‘Constant Winter’, which is just as stark and chilling as its name suggests.

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