40. Grinderman 2
Best Of 2010 Albums - Grinderman

Misanthropy, misogyny, Machiavellian malevolence? All present and correct. The encroaching middle-aged elegance of the Bad Seeds is eviscerated for the second time by the emphatic and energised antipodeans. Quite how such swampish fury is born in the mind of a Brighton dwelling renaissance man is anyone’s guess. But here it is, ticking like a testosterone-fuelled bomb with a tongue in its bourbon-soaked cheek. The intentionally hilarious innuendo-laden lyrics conjure deities and B-movie staples as readily as characters from popular culture with Cave crushing gingerbread men in his Cuban-heeled wake. An aural Hobbesian nightmare; nasty brutish and short has never sounded so good.

Best Bit? “Baby calls me the Loch Ness Monster / Two great big humps and then I’m gone.”


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