7. Total Life Forever
Best Of 2010 Albums - Foals

Burning back their relationships and sonic flesh, Foals strode from their “whale carcass” existence before singer Yannis explained: “I’m relatively fearful of the unstoppable nature of change.” Cue an obsession with the terrifying Theory of Singularity, where robots supersede human intelligence, crushing our race, and you have the distinctive subtext of instability which Foals used to sear our ears with a more melancholic, spacious and exposed album. Yannis continued: “I want to make something that’s beautiful and won’t need anything said after it.” But hurl in studio chaos, a seedy recording bunker, a near split and you have the strongest UK indie LP of the year that EVERYONE was talking about.

Best Bit: ‘Spanish Sahara’’s utterly naked vocal delivery from a transformed Yannis Philippakis.


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