26. Field Music (Measure)
Best Of 2010 Albums - Field Music

Having gone their separate ways following the artistic success that was ‘Tones Of Town’, few expected a new Field Music album in 2010. Fewer still anticipated a proginspired double album, but hey, that’s exactly what we got. Harking back to a time when prog meant ‘ideas’ and not ‘pretension’, Field Music crafted the fi nest material of their career. ‘Measure’ is simply stunning, an example of what can happen when talented songwriters just cut loose. Containing twenty tracks, a list of highlights would be pointless, as it is the gesture, the cumulative whole that is shattering. In an era of micro-genres and blog-based scenes Field Music have added an explosive dose of ambition. Anyone care to create a spark?

Best Bit: The climax of ‘It’s About Time’. Because you can hit ‘play’ and start all over again.


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