32. Halcyon Digest
Best Of 2010 Albums - Deerhunter

The enigmatic, ever-elusive Bradford Cox continually produces works of undisputed genius, quietly pushing that proverbial envelope. ‘Halcyon Digest’ further exemplifies the band’s musical dexterity and demonstrates their range of influences, gleaned from such disparate sources as doo-wop, Sixties girl groups and experimental electronica. Although the melodic impact of tracks like ‘Don’t Cry’, ‘Revival’ and ‘Melody Boy’ verges on the anthemic, and Cox’s stream of consciousness has been replaced by a more tangible narrative, there are still plenty of off-kilter nuances to be discovered if you are willing to invest the time. ‘Halcyon Digest’ is one those albums that just keeps on giving.

Best Bit: ‘He Would Have Laughed’ is seven and-a-half minutes dedicated to the late, great Jay Reatard.


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