31. Crush Depth
Best Of 2010 Albums - Chrome Hoof

Sprawling, experimental electro-disco-funk orchestra Chrome Hoof are famed for their theatrical get-up and exhilarating live shows. But underneath all of this pomp and pomposity lies a group of artists truly in tune with each others’ musical capabilities. “It’s a more refined sound,” said main man Leo Smee on the release of ‘Crush Depth’, the band’s third album to date. “We’re a lot tighter as a group now. We’re welcoming contributions from everyone in the group, to give the sound more personality. Obviously we have to be reign it in sometimes to keep the sound focused, but there’s a lot more information in this album than the past two. More colours, more genres, more sonics. We’re just interested to see what people make of it.”

Best Bit: The scattered, schizophrenic beats in ‘Crystalline’ are crossed with strings and punctuated by angsty female vocals.


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