35. Ivory Tower
Best Of 2010 Albums - Chilly Gonzales

With more personality than a mental asylum, the talents and mind of Gonzales fi nally got the widespread acclaim in 2010 that this genius deserves. Produced by Berlin rave crew Boys Noize and co-written with Beck, ‘Ivory Tower’ could have gone is a myriad of direction yet ultimately we are graced with a bold surge into his hammered piano acrobatics and the wit of a comedian born with even greater musical talents. There’s the house nuance of ‘I am Europe’, the iTunes theme of ‘Never Stop’ and the ludicrously catchy, cinematic epic ‘Siren Song’. There’s few talents quite as strong in this list who’s albums are quite as joyously and uncompromisingly delightful.

Best Bit: ‘The Grudge’’s side splitting tragicomedy rap ruminating on spite, jealousy and revenge.


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