5. Teen Dream
Best Of 2010 Albums - Beach House

The term dream-pop may have been penned to death in recent years but Baltimore duo Beach House are the original pallbearers for ethereal loveliness. Although vocalist Victoria Legrand was quick to defend the newly acquired meatiness of the band’s sophomore album ‘Teen Dream’. “This record has a lot of sex in it and way more balls. The mystery is still there but I think it’s more alive,” she told us earlier on in the year, reinforcing this comment with the further assertion of the band’s surprising vulgarity. “We’re not flowery people at all, even though people may think we are - we’re intense and can actually be pretty vulgar and honest.”

Best Bit: The opening riff and alluring moan of the prolific ‘Zebra’ tipped Beach House over into the mainstream, but with their credibility still intact.

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