6. Infinite Arms
Best Of 2010 Albums - Band Of Horses

Picture yourself in a cabin in the woods of Minnesota. From your window you see a gorgeous amber sun setting over a still lake. Nature overwhelms you. You pick up a guitar and start to write songs. Considering this is exactly what happened to Ben Bridwell, it’s guaranteed your songs will sound like those on ‘Infinite Arms’ - rich, harmonic, authentic Americana. “They weren’t even trying to be written, they just kind of came out,” Bridwell told Clash. “I don’t really know why it happens. There was calm ones - just staring out at the sunset on the lake - but there’s also upbeat stuff . So I don’t really know why or how it gets in there, but somehow it’s just because you’re in that setting. If I wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have got written.” Please keep racking up those Air Miles, Ben.

Best Bit: Bridwell’s spine-tingling heart-melting voice throughout. Neil Young is jealous.


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