22. Oversteps
Best Of 2010 Albums - Autechre

The UK’s most experimental electronic alchemists chose their twentieth anniversary to drop one of their warmest and most accessible albums. But let’s not expect a picnic, as Sean Booth and Rob Brown’s music refuses to yield to form, genre or any rhythmic convention. Their studio is more akin to a living organism thriving and growing on the algorithms the pair write and feed to their craved systems. “It’s the Eureka! moments that get me,” enthuses Sean. “You can be really in the zone with programming, you can get pretty lost in it.” Divisive in sound if you choose to engage then abandon your ears. Listen with your brain. You’ll be richly rewarded.

Best Bit: Their tour warehouse party was one of the most unique listening experiences of the decade. “Sonically hallucinating architecture” - just one description from the many overwhelmed listeners.


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