18. Good Things
Best Of 2010 Albums - Aloe Blacc

We could all complain about the hardships, but it sounds a lot better if you can croon over timeless brass hip-hop/R‘n’B melodies like a skint Bill Withers. Blacc’s lyricisms are sanguine statements wrapped in doleful tones. His cloaked, clandestine approach to upbeat, penniless alcoholic’s anthem ‘I Need A Dollar’, yet powerful indiscretion on the tender ‘Momma Hold My Hand’ signifies a powerful statement on the fragility of life over money. And a pretty novel re-imagination of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Femme Fatale’, now a swooning soul romance, adds whim to a sweeping LP. ‘Good Things’ is the soulful protests of the recession-bitten man.

Best Bit: When the tapping piano of opening track ‘I Need A Dollar’ begins, and sets the yardstick in the sand for how ‘Good Things’ will unfold.

Words by Joe Zadeh


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