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'Batida' means beat.

The root, the core of everything Pedro Coquenão does comes down to rhythm. Fascinated by African culture, the DJ turned producer wanted a way to blend traditional styles, textures with electronic music.

Deciding to produce his own cuts, Batida was born. Gathering like minds, the project quickly began demolishing boundaries, cross continents and uniting scenes in the process.

“Being half Angolan, half Portuguese gives me that chance to try to translate the countries to each other, on a small scale of course" he said recently. "It’s impossible now a days to live in Lisbon and not to talk about crisis. Likewise it’s impossible to have friends and family in Luanda and not include the political and social problems that the city has.”

Set to make his live debut at Soundway's warehouse party in London this Friday (April 20th) Batida is preparing to warm up for the show with a special project. Broadcasting live from a studio in Lisbon, the producer will perform alongside his full live band, dancers, MCs, live percussion and samples as well as a full light and visual show. As a special bonus, the viewer will be able to switch between 3 different cameras.

Watch the footage below.

Broadcasting live with Ustream and Jogo Cinético

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