In session for Topman CTRL...

The human voice is a wonderful thing.

Capable of shifting between tones, timbres, emotions the voice can move in stunningly flexible ways. As if yet more evidence were needed, here's Barbarossa.

Recently launching his new EP in London venue the Shacklewell Arms, Barbarossa singer James Mathé has a rare command over his voice. At times creaking with emotion, his light, precarious delivery emphasises the humanity of his songwriting.

Here's 'Butterfly Plague' recorded for Topman CTRL.

"I was really up for this after I had seen the other sessions Topman CTRL had online. This is how I often consume music now, either music videos or these kinds of live sessions. I like how it forces the artist to be creative and come up with new ways of arranging the songs. This song is quite different to the record - I wanted it to have something of the original recording but also take it somewhere a bit different and use the instruments I always use but in a new way. It keeps it new and interesting for me too. As I usually play with two other musicians; a live drummer and a guitar/bass player, I needed to fill the sound out a bit, so it kept me on my toes!"

James Mathé (Barbarossa)

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