Harry Potter stars get musical

When Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe guest-edited a popular London listings mag early in 2012 he wound up interviewing one of his favourite bands, as you would. It proved a momentous meet for the unassuming outfit in question.

A few months on and the video for Slow Club’s single ‘Beginners’ currently stands at a hefty 350,000 YouTube views, 341,000 more than the video for their previous record. It’s because Radcliffe is in it, and playing a boozy barfly, which has garnered news stories around the world. Quite a coup for the Sheffield duo, then, although they do have one regret. “We had to leave the shoot because we had a gig,” a slightly star-struck Beccy Taylor tells Clash. “We were gutted!”

The Potter/pop link is proving rather potent: Rupert ‘Ron Weasley’ Grint did a memorable turn as an obsessed fan in Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House’ last year. And hot on Slow Club’s heels comes obscure poetry/classical-fuelled combo A Band Of Buriers, whose new single ‘Filth’ stars Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in all eight Potter movies. It’s a dark, compelling tale in which Lewis - alongside Skins actress Lily Loveless - gets angry, takes drastic action, and winds up in a state definitely not suitable for younger fans.

“Anyone who’s seen a Harry Potter film should be adequately prepared for a murky mist and grisly ending,” says frontman James P Honey. “We loath to think of who he may have damaged in the past to be so convincing, but as you’ll see, it was a worthwhile sacrifice.”

There have been some revealing movie star cameos recently. Mischa Barton is undie-clad in the new one by Noel Gallagher’s Half Naked - sorry - High Flying Birds, and Transformers star Shia Lebeouf goes full monty for Sigur Ros’ arty ‘Fjogur Piano’. Why? Well, it’s a high-profile way of showing your broader range, and the same applies for the Potter stars.

“We wanted to offer them the opportunity to not only be part of something truly special, but also to showcase their skills,” says A Band Of Burier’s Jamie Romain, while Radcliffe is “like any artist wanting to grow and move on to new things,” suggests Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor.

So who does she fancy casting for the next one? Streep? Nicholson? “I dream of a video with loads of Coronation Street cast members,” she admits. “And me.”

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