All our ATP Week articles, plus win tickets!

If you missed’s ATP Week content last week – heaven knows how given its prominence – you’ll be pleased to find yourself here, at what we’re calling our ATP Week In Summary piece.

We didn’t just look at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival – oh no, sirs. We also leafed through the ATP/Recordings catalogue and spoke to no fewer than six of their active artists: Fuck Buttons, Sleepy Sun, The Drones, Alexander Tucker, Deerhoof and Apse.

On the festival front, we heard from Mogwai on their curation of the very first ATP back in 2000, and received words of praise from members of Grizzly Bear, HEALTH, Super Furry Animals and 65daysofstatic. We also interviewed the founder of ATP, Barry Hogan, to learn about the past and get just a hint of what the future holds for ATP.

And why did we do all this? Because the ATP experience is like none other, a festival that stands alone from the slew polluting most summer weekends. When it’s on, punters become part of a special community. There are no burning toilets, no flooded tents, no scallies robbing you when you’re out watching some flavour-of-the-week gobshites on the New Bands Stage. We love it, and hope that our insight into the event and its associated projects has inspired you, if you’ve never been, to take a chance.

Believe us, you won’t look back.

The next two ATP festival events take place at Minehead Butlins in May – The Fans Strike Back with Devo, The Jesus Lizard, Spiritualized and more on May 8-10, and a weekend curated by The Breeders on May 15-17 featuring Holy Fuck, CSS, Foals and more. Get full information and purchase tickets on the official ATP website.

Here’s everything we’ve covered over the past seven days…

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ATP/R Artist Interviews
* Sleey Sun Interview
* Apse Interview
* Alexander Tucker Interview
* The Drones interview
* Fuck Buttons Interview
* Deerhoof Interview

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Other Interviews
* ATP Performers Past and Future – with Super Furry Animals, Grizzly Bear, HEALTH and 65daysofstatic
* Interview with the first ATP curators, Mogwai
* A Brief History: interview with ATP founder Barry Hogan

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And if you’re really struggling…
* ATP: The Punters’ Perspective
* ATP: A Beginner's Guide

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And we’re not quite done there, as we’ve got a little competition for London-based readers which should wet their ATP whistles rather – a pair of tickets to ATP’s showcase gig at Kilburn’s Luminaire on May 12.

Playing live are Sleepy Sun, celebrating the release of their debut album ‘Embrace’, and Alexander Tucker and the Decomposed Orchestra, with DJ support from Fuck Buttons. Tickets are eight quid but if you fancy winning a pair simply follow these instructions:

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2) Drop me a message via my profile, using the clever private message function below my picture. Say whatever you want – it’s the arrival of the message that counts as your entry.

3) Cross yr fingers.

There really is nothing more to it. The winner will be contacted on April 20 via private message (please say in your entry if you’d rather be contacted by e-mail, and include your address!). Good luck.

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