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Artist Profile: Bondax

The name Bondax has nada to do with bondage or glue, let’s get that out into the open straightaway. It is, however, a teenage pair of beatsmiths from the northwestern stretch of Lancaster who produce “airy, romantic vibes”, as is so aptly pinpointed by one-half, Adam Kaye. “I guess it’s quite spacey and chilled. We do have more hectic things but none of them are really in your face.”

Adam and partner George Townsend may only be seventeen and eighteen respectively but they produce a melancholic sound that is very much above their years. Not that age is even a determining factor in this electronic climate brimming with sub-twenty artistes. Yet, more importantly, the production isn’t pissing on anybody’s turf, so to speak; artfully sidestepping the upbeat, dancefloor-orientated steez of Disclosure in favour of heartfelt ambience at a slower more digestible tempo.

“I think the new kids on the block thing is getting over-done. There have been three or four people that are sick, but there’s not as many people as you may think. A lot of it just sounds like a copy of something that’s already out there. There isn’t a massive amount of original producers,” summarises George.

The project did originally belong to just George but it was Adam’s instrument playing that eventually swayed the work into a joint venture. George adds: “I’ve been producing since I was about fifteen on my own and about a year ago now, I pulled Adam in and we started messing about making things. It was all remixes and eventually we started making originals.”

The ‘You’re So’ EP exploded into existence in March with songs including ‘Only You’, ‘Just Us’ and ‘Wet Summer’. The twosome’s sound exists in a delicate and unflustered daydream full of carefully spliced R&B samples and uplifting chords that hasn’t quite been fully occupied until now. Bondax mobile has gathered pace quite rapidly, and now the likes of Starslinger are employing them both having personally selected their services to play a festival with him this year.

Next up are more sultry tones via ‘Baby I Got That/It’s You’, a continuation of the Bondax brand with now characteristic well-tuned vocal cuts and silky drumwork that cater to any late night bus journey home. Revel in the reverie.

‘Just Smile For Me’ (FOUR40 RECORDS)
‘Baby I Got That/It’s You’ (JUST US RECORDS)
‘Settle Down (Bondax Remix)’ (UNRELEASED)


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