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Ground-breaking hip hop group Anti Pop Consortium are set to release their new single 'Volcano' - and you can watch the video exclusively on ClashMusic!

Hip hop is often labelled a spent art form. Sure, the charts may be littered with unimaginative rappers and dull producing but out there on the fringes lie some truly stunning acts.

Take Anti Pop Consortium. Meeting at a poetry slam in New York the group quickly evolved their own stunning rap techniques. Touring with Radiohead and working with DJ Shadow the rap collective soon gained recognition outside of the hip hop cognoscenti.

However internal friction ripped apart Anti Pop Consortium in 2002, leading to a myriad of side projects. Returning in 2007 the hip hop group stunned fans with a series of red hot live performances.

Releasing their new album 'Fluorescent Black' this year Anti Pop Consortium are on the cusp of completing one of the most remarkable comebacks in hip hop. With new single 'Volcano' due out soon, ClashMusic has bagged an exclusive glimpse of their new video.

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