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Andy Burrows is nice.

Not like 'rock star nice' - a phoney pattern of behaviour if ever we saw it - but plain, simple, honest... nice.

Emerging from Razorlight, the songwriter has been able to match his sterling reputation with a creative purple patch. Using the name I Am Arrows the singer released a solo album, before hooking up with Tom Smith for a Christmas themed LP.

With that behind him, Andy Burrows is now set to step out on his own. New album 'Company' will be released on October 22nd, with lead single 'Because I Know That I Can' set to emerge on October 8th.

ClashMusic have gained an exclusive stream of Andy Burrows' new video. 'Because I Know That I Can' is a typically expertly hewn piece of songwriting, a breezy piece of music that recalls CSN&Y at their most engaging.

The video finds Andy Burrows rushing through a theatre audition with a ballet dancer interpreting his music. Ending with the would-be hopefuls gaining the upper hand on the judges, you can watch the video below.

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