New video from French duo

Internationally acclaimed French duo Air have unveiled the video to their new single 'Sing Sang Sung'.

Really, it's been too long. Two years on from their last album 'Pocket Symphony', after a myriad of soundtrack projects and solo efforts Air are set to return.

Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin broke through over a decade ago, riding on top of a wave of enthusiasm for French dance music. Blissful yet down-tempo, Air's album 'Moon Safari' came to dominate the air waves towards the end of the decade.

Since then the duo have expanded their sound, avoiding the 'chill out' tag that dogged their best known work. However a massive re-issue project last year seems to have inspired the group with work beginning on Air's new album.

Fifth studio album 'Love 2' is due to be released on October 5th. Little has been heard of the much anticipated new album, with Air keeping new material under close guard.

However the duo have unveiled the stunning new video for forthcoming single 'Sing Sang Sung'. Due for release on September 28th the single will be accompanied by a bizarre animated video.

Watch Air's 'Sing Sang Sung' below...


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