Hear tracks from 'Roses, Kings, Castles'

"The drummer's written a couple of tunes" is normally the kiss of death for any band, but then Babyshambles' Adam Ficek isn't your ordinary drummer.

As Babyshambles have evolved from, well, a shambles into something approaching coherency Adam Ficek has remained as the pulsing heart of the band, keep the rhythm when others are losing their heads. What fans have been unaware of until now is that the loyal sticksman is actually a well regarded songwriter in his own right, and you can hear his debut album exclusively on Clashmusic.com!

"Roses, Kings, Castles" is released on October 6th, and was recorded entirely by Adam in his bedroom. Writing all the tracks, playing all the instruments and recording the results all by himself, this truly is a solo album. Containing some assured melodies, it may make you wonder why Ficek is hidden at the back of the stage.

Listen to a selection of tracks from "Roses, Kings, Castles" below...


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