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Hi friends from across the pond!

Summer is here! Gone are the days of igloos and snow shoes (kidding). With summer comes a slew of new summer releases! Everyone is constantly on the hunt for their one official 'Summer Song'! I asked some friends what Canadian bands they are most excited about and compiled this list (mixed with my personal picks of course)! Here goes...

One of my new favourite obsessions hails from the east coast (if you've been reading my past letters you'll know this is no surprise). The Olympic Symphonium just released a new collection of recordings called the Southern Souls Sessions. 9 beautifully crafted songs recorded in unique locations - bookstores, curling clubs, parking garages, etc etc. The album is avaialble for free download here:!

Below is my favourite track 'Oiseau':

For those ready to pack your summer full with late night raging dance parties, you probably need to hear this Nightbox track 'Bears'! Though their new record is slated for a Fall release and I couldn't be more excited, this older track is undeniably going to weave it's way around your head and hold on tight. Nightbox have a darkness that is unparalleled and hints at something deeper from these young Toronto by way of Ireland lads down the road! The band has been working with Sebastien Grainger (Death from Above 1979) and Al-P (MSTRKRAFT) on their last EP and upcoming release, and you can hear their influence yet you can also hear the sounds of a band finding their own unique footing in the Canadian music landscape.

Listen to 'Bears' below:

Now for something totally different, hailing from Montreal Irreverend James & The Critical Mass Choir play experimental soul jazz in a way that's totally relevant to any hipster. Though it is rare to find a great soul band these days, it isn't their differences from the popular bands that sets them apart, it's their truly great songwriting and enigmatic performances that will put this band on the map! Here's a quick live recording of 'The Long Wait'!

Everyone's favourite Canadian, Joel Plaskett released a new album earlier this year. He released the album with a bang at this year's Canadian Music Week - rocking everyone's faces off atop the CN Tower. There's a reason you can't help but love Plaskett. His songs have a way of feeling that they were written about you and your friends. The delivery is a fiery passion-fuelled display of emotion and puts Plaskett atop the list of legendary performers in Canada - truly a must see! Here's a video of an alternate version of 'You Let Me Down':

Toronto's Sandman Viper Command unleashed one of this summer's catchiest tunes! The main chorus rings out "All I Feel is Good" and you can't help but want to belt along! The tune is up for free download on their site with a b-side and available on coloured cassette's at their shows! You can download the track for free here:

Unfortunately it doesn't come with a convertible, babes in bikinis, and a chilled orange crush for you to drive around town listening to it with - but I'm sure you can imagine the feeling!

Toronto's Hill & the Sky Heroes also have a new album on the horizon for a June release! Hill has been kicking around the Canadian music scene for quite some time now - playing in The Weeknd, The Kliks, and others. Finally it's her time to take centre stage with her totally kick ass new release 11:11. The songs land somewhere between M.I.A. and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with more sexiness (yes, more). Take a quick listen to Hill's cover of 'I Put a Spell on You' and it will be hard to resist the link to her website ( to hear tunes from the new record!

Exciting new releases also coming in the form of Nova Scotia's Wintersleep and Vancouver's Japandroids to keep you all on your toes! Lots of Canadian music destined to rock your summer! Enjoy the heat and tweet me about your favourite summer songs, why don't ya? (@SARIDELMAR)

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Photo Credit: Joel Plaskett by Ingram Barss

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