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Can you believe it's been a whole month! I spent last week in Montreal scouring the streets for exciting new talent. I have to say I was a little let down. Though I saw many good sets, I can't think of anything that really stood out and left everyone awestruck. Of course, Arcade Fire were the talk of the town, much like they are the talk of the universe right now... But I was on a hunt for some promising up and comers! Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places. Regardless, Canada has a lot of new releases fighting for shelf space at the few indie record stores remaining; here's what has been beating out the competition on my iPod!

Russian Futurists

Though their latest release was technically last year, it took me a while to get in to this gem of a record! 'The Weight's on the Wheels' is incredibly fun - kind of like a day at the park fun. The catchy single "One Night One Kiss" features east coast folk-stress Ruth Minnikin venturing into new territory. The genuine hooks and nature of this record could have only been brewed with their roots in a small Ontario hometown much like Cornwall, Ontario. Embraced by the big city masses however, Russian Futurists are a band I expect to stick around. Watch the video for the single "One Night One Kiss" feat. Ruth Minnikin and don't even think about trying to get that melody out of your head:

Ben Caplan

Ben Caplan is an Audio Blood artist and a truly unique find. Seeing Ben Caplan perform is probably much like what it felt when Tom Waits was first performing to half lit smoky bars on the west coast. Caplan is a true performer and commands the attention and curiosity of people in the room from the first chord he strums on his tireless guitar. You don't get the pleasure of seeing a performer like this every day in this industry, I mean it! He has made a home of Halifax, NS and is currently bringing his theatrical set to stages in Germany and the Netherlands, before he heads home to tour Canada. His new album 'In The Time of the Great Remembering' launches in October, and it's like a letter from the grandpa you never got to meet. You'll open it and read it again and again, interpret it 99 different times, before framing it one day and tattooing a quote somewhere on your body. It's timeless in a very humbling sort of way. See him perform for Southern Souls below:

Hey Ocean

You guys probably think I hate the west coast after all the love I've been showing for the east. This is not true, there is something I love about the west coast and it's a band by the name of Hey Ocean. Their sophomore album, 'It's Easier To Be Somebody Else' was one of my favourite albums of 2008. After a long wait the band has finally wrapped up the recording of their new album and are eagerly awaiting the new release. By the sounds of the first single "Make a New Dance Up" (available for download on Facebook), their upcoming record is going to be straight up sugary pop and I can't say I am disappointed. If you loved when Mika was all set to be the next big thing, then you'll love this new single. Sure it's a little over indulgent but we'll see if it's too much pop or just the right amount. In the meantime here's a link so you can get as excited as I am! You can see the video for their previous single below, it's a pretty great video!

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- Sari

Sari Delmar is president of a Canadian artist development, marketing, and management company called Audio Blood. Delmar spent years freelance writing before moving over to the industry side. Audio Blood has helped kickstart careers for some of Canada's favourite exports and includes many major and indie Canadian labels on their impressive client list.


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