The month in Canadian music...

With the summer winding down things are sure heating up when it comes to bands hitting the road and releasing new records this fall! Too much to keep track of. Here is a quick recap of some of the exciting releases to keep tabs on!

Rumour has it, the Arkells are not nearly as huge outside of Canada as they are within our borders. This is incredibly surprising to hear because their rock anthems are well suited for any fan of rock music no matter the area code. Often harped on for stealing too much from Springsteen's handbook, you really can't deny the Arkells can write great songs that will cling to Canadian culture like hockey play-off moustaches. Their new album "Michigan Left" makes you feel young, in a warm and fuzzy sort of way. Single "Kiss Cam" is along those same lines. Video below...

While watching the "Kiss Cam" video. at about 1:03 you will spot a young frazzled man wearing a shirt that says "What is a Sandman Viper Command" which leads me to my next recommendation...

Sandman Viper Command is a killer garage rock and roll 4 piece from the Toronto area that I work with. Their unique way of mixing fuzz-pop with classic rock break downs has turned many a head here in Canada. They recently unleashed a new 7inch called Rough Love produced by Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, The Arkells). The single "Rough Love" is a 6 minute epic theatrical romp filled to the brim with adolescent lust and desire. I can promise you've heard nothing like it before. Pssst. you can grab a free download of it here:

Check out "Yo Bobcat!" below.

Might as well segue in to some news from Newmarket, Ontario's own Tokyo Police Club. They have sold their souls to Polaroid and are recording 10 covers in 10 days for the Polaroid website. Lucky for us, selling out sounds SUPER good and you can hear them take a go at tracks by Moby, Phoenix, Queens of the Stone Age, Kelly Clarkson, The Strokes, Jimmy Eat World, and more! They collaborate on these covers with a various cast of indie rock elite. Members of M83, Passion Pit, and Mariachi El Bronx join in on the fun! Give them a listen here:

My new favourite up and comers come from the east coast this month (big surprise). Boxer the Horse hail from the small city of Charlottetown, PEI. One can assume coming from a small town will leave you with lots of excess time. These boys turned that time in to a great record called Would You Please and crammed it chock full of folk pop sing-a-longs. Though they've been kicking around Canada for a while now, their writing just keeps getting better and better... and something's gotta give, right? Check out their video for "Bad Apples"

So there you have it! What's good in Canada! Please send me your suggestions! @saridelmar

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