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Glasto 2009

Clash is on the ground at Pilton Farm, ready for this year's Glastonbury festival, and we'll be reporting across the event thanks to the wonders of technology.

If you're that way inclined, check us out on Twitter HERE or just sit back and watch as the box below magically updates out Tweets. Forgive us if they sometimes get a bit 'mystic' - this country air is strong stuff.

We haven't totally abandoned traditional journalism though, as we'll also be stringing together more than the Twitter-centric 140 characters for some in-depth coverage before long. Also, look out for some suitably 'vibey' photo galleries and video footage. Links can be found below...

Glastonbury 2009 Preview - Festival Virgins (Fucked Up and In Case Of Fire)
Glastonbury 2009 Preview - Strummerville
Glastonbuty 2009 Preview - Oxfam DIY Project
Glastonbury 2009 Preview - Shangri-La
Clash's Must-See-Bands Guide

Glastonbury 2009 - Thursday In Photos
Glastonbury 2009 - Friday In Photos
Glastonbury 2009 - Saturday In Photos
Photo Gallery - The Punter's Perspective
Glastonbury 2009 - The Clash Review
Glastonbury 2009 - Trash City Reviewed

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