Harmonic 313 / Fake Blood
2009: Top 10 Dance pt.5

The final part of Clash magazine's countdown of the best Dance acts of 2009 sees Harmonic 313 (a.k.a. Mark Pritchard) narrowly pipped to the post by the mighty Fake Blood who take our top spot.

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2. Harmonic 313

So much to say and so little words. Mark Pritchard is a dance legend like no other. The dude is seriously underground. Twenty-three aliases over twenty years taking on almost every genre of electronic music is the gist of his CV, not that this dude will be applying to work in Starbucks anytime soon.

Yet Harmonic 313 is his tribute to Detroit hip-hop, Dilla and more laterally the kind of off-kilter beats that Prefuse 73 and Dabrye pioneered that really exploded this year. However Pritchard’s ‘When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence’ album of 2009 spans way more ground as he singes instrumental hip-hop with drones, half-step and sexed-up androgenic blips and bleeps.

The last twelve months’ most innovative music was borne from the lower regions of tempo as disorientated beats rode crazed time signatures with programming that makes nuclear particle accelerators look like Fisher Price bath toys. Harmonic 313 melded this approach with an over arching view of dance history. Imagine the best of Warp’s electronica archives given a thrice over by one of the world’s most talented and forward thinking producers. That is Harmonic 313’s output. This is why we write.

Download: ‘When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence’ LP

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1. Fake Blood

Fake Blood at Number One? Where’s the album? Well, let’s pontificate. This fucker (known as Theo to his personal trainer) actually managed to make Little Boots AND Calvin Harris both sound good in 2009. And no one else had managed that EVER. Not even Dizzee Rascal. Not your conventional barometer but a refreshing one nonetheless.

Fake Blood’s remixes are quite simply the best (no matter who did the original, clearly) and his boisterous tunes appeal to everyone from pious disco collectors to happy hardcore speed freaks. Hurl in the fact that he dismembered every club he played this year - whilst pedalling a sound he almost exclusively created, before tempering it to sound even slicker than his rivals - and you have a winning entry.

Need more? Fire up the fact that he’s had the best growling melodic bass lines all year whilst every festival’s dance tent bounces to his anthems on rotation more than any other single DJ’s output. It would be boring if it didn’t make your legs move so much. Dig about in his Brighton past and his life as Touché emerges, causing old ’Blood to score yet more points (if you hated big beat you could take a few points off here). Then, up the ante with his own actual tunes such as the Dozens, Fake Blood, Blood Splashing (and of course the slightly exhausted ‘Mars’) and voila: we are at the top!

Dripping in it.

Download: South Rakkas Crew - ‘Mad Again (remix)’ EP, Underworld - ‘Ring Road (remix)’ EP, ‘Fix Your Accent’ EP

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