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Disclosure by George Harvey

Number one with a bullet: a cliché that sticks when it comes to Disclosure’s debut album, ‘Settle’ (Clash review), which took the dance duo to the UK albums chart summit in June 2013, seeing off the competition of Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘...Like Clockwork’ (Clash review).

The pair – Surrey-born brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence – spoke to Clash for its special summer double issue, in shops now and available online here. Below is a brief excerpt from said interview, opening with a comment on the genesis of ‘Settle’.

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“We didn’t really know it was an album while we were writing it for the most part,” Howard admits. “We’d probably written half of it before we even decided it was going to be an album. There are songs like ‘A Second Chance’, which is probably the oldest one on the record and has barely changed. Then there are other ones, like ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’, which we wrote about a month before the album. It’s a real mixture.”

Accelerated by that mainstream success and appearances at both SXSW and Coachella, Disclosure’s rise feels like a rapid one. But, as Howard reminds us, it’s been some time since those first tracks popped up on MySpace.

“I think it hasn’t been as rapid as it might appear from the outside,” he explains. “It’s been more of a gradual climb for us over the last three-and-a-half years. We put in a lot of work in at the time, but once we put ‘Latch’ up and it got much more radio play, I can totally understand how it seems like that. We only had two tracks played on the radio before that, but nowhere near the same extent [of coverage].

“We definitely liked ‘Latch’, and it was one of our favourites at the time, but we had no idea it was going to chart. ‘White Noise’ was more of a surprise because we thought it was going to bridge the gap between ‘Latch’ and ‘You And Me’. We thought it was the more underground, clubby track from the album.”

He laughs: “We were wrong about that!”

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Interview by: Reef Younis

Photo by: George Harvey


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