The Swedish brand releases a limited edition coat.
VLADIMIR by Stutterheim

‘Caring, protective, fair and supportive’ reads text accompanying the ‘Vladimir’ coat on the Stutterheim website, referring – presumably – to both the raincoat’s default intentions (as a piece of outerwear), and as a statement in support of GLBTQ rights.

Aesthetically, its rainbow coloured stripes are ideal armour against grey, rainy days, while its Russian name is a clear reference to a certain international leader; the combination is pretty vocal.

“This is my tiny contribution,” says founder and creative director, Alexander Stutterheim of his commitment to the cause. “I want to do what I can to celebrate people that never seem to stop spreading the message of love and equal worth; we call them a minority, but they are really our sisters and our brothers,” he adds.

Just 100 macs have been produced, each with the same care and attention to detail observed by the Swedish label’s classic Arholma style, plus 15% from the sale of each Vladimir will be donated to an international GLBTQ organisation.

Released just a few weeks after London Pride – it’s out now – the coat is stocked exclusively both on the Stutterheim site and at the flagship store in Stockholm.


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