Victorinox Are Festival Ready

Brand launch a new range for the festival season.
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Launching this month, Festival Ready is not some kind of motto for the Clash office pre a season of tents, bands and wellies-coming soon-but in fact the name of Victorinox’s new range. Known for their swiss army knives, the brand counts Christopher Raeburn as an Artistic Director and it is the London based designer whose prints cover ponchos, capelets and indeed, a tent.

The brand launched an app last month-the Festival Ready app-and this month’s drop of clothing goodies have their own online boutique, Victorinox X Editions, specifically for the UK.

Named PROTECT in light of what they offer the wearer during bad weather and what they do for the environment, the clothing range uses state of the art processes and sustainable fabrics. The men’s vest, poncho and women’s capelet come in a Neon Cross and Shield Camo print, as seen above. Our fingers are crossed for no rain, though if it happens, we’re covered.


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