Subtly does it.

If anyone knows the importance of a good bit of jersey, a stylist and a designer will likely be those. Case in point, Maison Labiche, the Parisian label by friends (a stylist and a designer), Marie and Jenny.

Set up in 2011 the label is a line of love featuring cotton tees and sweatshirts with 21st century cultural references embroidered across the front.

The Big Lebowski is noted with ‘The Dude’ sewn simply on the left side of the chest, while The Clash’s ‘London Calling’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album covers are slap bang centre.

Stocked exclusively at Urban Outfitters this side of the channel – Colette gets dibs in Paris – the collection is noteworthy without making a song and dance. Ideal for those who like to show off but don’t suit loud colours and photo fronted tops.


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