Supremebeing's ongoing street art project sets up shop in east London.

The White Canvas Project can hardly be called that, given that white canvases don’t feature all that often. Blank canvases perhaps, but in the case of their latest venture, floral, camouflage or denim canvases would certainly be more apt.

From a disused boat yard in Cambridge to Beyond Retro’s Dalston store stockroom (read: vintage lover’s paradise, given the hundreds of brown boxes full of vintage clothing), the White Canvas Project originated as a way to see street artists spread their wings and paint something other than the street.

Since Sunday, sixteen artists have been using the stockroom as a base, the clothes from the brown boxes as canvases, all in aid of Supremebeing’s latest hook up with Beyond Retro and the art collective, End of the Line.

As of tonight (there’s a party with free booze and such, make sure to pass by on your way home from the office), Beyond Retro’s Cheshire Street store will showcase the aforementioned canvases for all your peepers to see. The works – by the likes of Will Barras, Jim Vision and Yok – will be on display and available to buy in-store through ‘til August.

We stuck our heads in the stockroom on Monday to check our exactly what was happening. We’re pleased to report that incense was burning, there was a strong smell of spray cans, a single fan cooling the place and a whole lot of good vibes.

Perhaps it was the sun, perhaps it was the paint fumes, or quite possibly it was the project itself. We’ll let you make your own minds up about that.


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