SS13 video from the Stockport clothing brand.

Sovereign rings, geeky glasses and tattoos aplenty, all standard accessories to the infamous Baracuta G9 jacket. With an exterior of cotton, polyester, wool or suede and a commonplace tartan lining, over the years they’ve been beloved by the likes of Elvis and Peyton Place’s Rodney Harrington (who gave the piece it’s informal name), mods and skinheads.

Today the Harrington is as key a style as the leather biker or denim jacket, and to celebrate Baracuta have made this short film for SS13. Featuring the likes of musician Ian Bruce, DJ Norman Jay and golfer Ian Hingle, the film sees each of the men in their choice jacket dressed up in their preferred style (Jamaican Rude Boy, Skinhead, Gentleman, and some). From next week you’ll be able to buy your own G9 too, as Baracuta launch an ecommerce section on the brand’s website.


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