The Danish label hooks up with Goodhood for a skate inspired capsule collection.

Did you know the menswear label Soulland once made a stamp for the Danish Postal Service? Neither did we. But as the saying goes, you learn something new every day.

What we did already know about the Danish brand, is that they’re responsible for one of our favourite collaborations of 2013, partnering with the French elephant character Babar; Ed Droste likewise favoured the collection, donning a shirt on stage for several Grizzly Bear gigs, fact fans.

Tonight sees the launch of a new collaboration for the label, hooking up with the London lifestyle boutique, The Goodhood Store.

Made up of T-shirts, shirts, jackets and more, the capsule collection is under wraps until this evening, when it’ll be debuted both in-store and online. Illustrator Clara Lacey provides the only preview, via the hand drawn pictures above.

Speaking to Goodhood about his inspiration for the label, co-founder and Creative Director Silas Adler says, “I change my inspiration view quite often. I think it’s important to always look for new rays… I’m continually inspired by the mystics freemasons symbol.”

From what we’ve seen so far – and the rest of the conversation, available to read here – the new line is skate focused, a former passion of Adler’s, though as he tells it “I was not that good but I spent a third of my life not doing or thinking about anything else.”

Get your hands on the collection from 6pm tonight, and in the meantime here’s Silas skating in 2002. 



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