The sports brand re-release an 80s favourite.

“In 1990, PUMA debuted their most advanced Trinomic technology yet.” And over twenty years later they’re bringing that same technology back into the arms and onto the feet of sneaker freaks across the country.

First produced in the late 80’s when running was the sport de jour and PUMA’s Natural Running collection was the ticket to a solid 30 minutes around the park, the technology took the appearance of a honeycomb cell.

This later became a hexagonal system in the sole that compressed and rebounded load. Proving popular, the brand used it in a variety of styles including the XT Plus series; one of Trinominc’s most enduring applications.

Tomorrow sees the shoe re-released for a new audience, still in its green box (an icon of its time) and with credentials intact.

Check out the video below for a taster of what tomorrow brings.



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