The brand taps its history for a new exclusive.

Red Wing Heritage, the clue’s sort of in the name for this brand. Built on America’s Great Promise (their words), Red Wing has been producing durable boots – the best kind of boot given the primary function, we’d suggest – since founder Charles Beckman first opened shop in 1905.

110 years later and the label is just about ready to release a new look 8882 moc-toe boot on the world: enter Indigo Portage…

A unique shade for the brand – that also goes by Red Wing Shoe Company, just to spread a little confusion – the Indigo Portage leather pays homage to the blue collar workers for whom the boots became a uniform way back when.

Rejecting the traditional tan/brown/red leathers more commonly associated with the brand, the new blue shoe has been produced in a limited number, marking it out as a genuinely special wardrobe addition.


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