Where swimming meets design.

First impressions of Sarah Reader’s line of swimsuits are that they look pretty jazzy. Then you look a little closer – perhaps even read the tagline ‘My body is my temple, but my temple likes getting trashed’ – and see the centre of each is filled with a vice, from cigarettes to doughnuts and pills to Coca-Cola.

The cossies go by the name Project 104 and are only the first batch. The 104 refers not simply to the quantity of costumes produced, though there is that, but also to Sarah’s flat and studio number; the centre of the project since day one.

Reader suggests the pieces are city suitable as well as being pool friendly, and she pours her two great loves into her work. Namely design and swimming, being both a women’s wear design graduate from Ravensbourne and a qualified swimming instructor too.

Imagine if she’d picked a different sport.



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