Clash talks to the ladies behind the your favourite new T-shirt brand.

Claiming not to be sweet or girly (which Clash doesn’t quite believe but figures is no bad thing given the right dosage), Pop.see.cul is your new-favourite-slogan-T-shirt-producing-label. Started as a simple blog by Pia Hakko and Pelin Yasar, this summer the pair began selling T-shirts too.

Motifs hint at the designer-but-not trend (‘Verysage’, ‘Garcon’), contemporary heroes like Terry Richardson and Woody Allen, and old-fashioned girl power (‘ugh, couples’, ‘I believe in good pizza’ and ‘literally 100% totally right’).

Being one part cute, one part Camden market and a third part on the money right now, Clash’s collective heart melts for the pink ‘Beach Please’ tee. A brighter shade of pink and our thirteen year old selves would be in emo heaven.

Meeting during their foundation year at Central Saint Martins, “even though we lived in the same city all our lives before that. It was love at first sight!” They later parted ways to pursue Fashion Design at London College of Fashion and Graphic Design at CSM, respectively.

While separated by timetable – uni, internships and part-time jobs – Pia and Pelin continued to work on the blog, choosing the name (pronounced as ‘popsicle’) due to the personality of the word. As they put it, “it summarises our brand identity quite well; fun, unique and a bit difficult to understand.”

“We've always shared our inspiration and ideas during our studies and it came to a point when we wanted to have this huge, messy, digital sketchbook full of everything we talked about,” they divulge on the blog’s birth. “It's our very precious sketchbook.”

There’s a 90s undertone to the styling of the collection on the Pop.see.cul website, and also in some of the tees themselves. A trend that has refused to dissolve over the last year, why do the girls think it’s become so huge?

“The 90s style has always been difficult to understand but we love it! We guess there is this 'golden twenty year rule' when fashion always find its inspiration from twenty years ago,” they suggest. Makes sense.

Putting their business brains to use, T-shirts were decided on as the next logical step for the blog, given the pair’s background in the relevant fields. “We were always in the search for something new and it made perfect sense for us that the next step for Pop.see.cul would be graphic casual wear”.

Their own favourites include the ‘Less Angeles More York’ and ‘Terry $$$ardson’ numbers, while forthcoming they have a whole empire on the horizon. Namely accessories and casual jackets, stationary could also be on the cards.

Watch this space.

Interview: Zoe Whitfield


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