The label picks a theme and runs and runs with it.

Taking a theme literally can lead to some pretty dodgy territory, but for SS14 Ben Sherman's Plectrum line has ignored the rules and gone all Parachute on our asses.

Mini parachute prints cover cotton shirts, well placed seams create a parachute like structure on knits, and jackets use a nylon not too dissimilar from one you’d find floating down to earth.

And not only did they take over the Shoreditch Art Wall with the collection’s core yellow geometric pattern, but they let the face of the campaign hang out with a real parachute for an afternoon. Take a look at the Liam S Gleeson directed snippet below to see exactly what we mean.

If PE ever meant playing with a huge rainbow parachute to you, think of it as a grown up lesson. Luckily for SUPA’s Marc Madelyn mind, the uniform consisted of more than his pants and vest. 



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