We wanna know what's on the Inbar Levi guy's iPod.

Inbar Levi, an Israeli graduate from the BA course at Central Saint Martins in 2010, has an eclectic palette that her MA collection couldn’t help but show off. This could come from the fact that Inbar has travelled extensively through placements, as well as holidaying in Austria, Paris, New York, LA and London, and her beach dwelling childhood.

You could tell from the pieces that it was important that the fabrics dueled with each other as much as the references did. Inbar claims the collection came together in an “orchestrated chaos”, something that we agree with wholeheartedly. Inbar’s varied references of Venice Beach bums, Mermaids, Jamaican rockers and American beauty pageants juxtapose each other whilst also embracing each other with a youthful confidence. The collection has a futuristic approach but pays homage to what has come before with optimism as though to cheerlead future males into peacocking that little bit more.

We sometimes fear that the tribes and clangs of yesteryear are overly romanticised and the current generations are in danger of becoming dumbed down high street versions. Inbar’s ‘man’ excites us, now all we’re intrigued by is what’s on his iPod.

Styling and words: John Colver
Photo: Oliver Hadlee Pearch


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