The Swedish company starts off with two pairs of boots.

Majorna and Hisingen are your new Swedish friends. Majorna is a Cancer, enjoys a tan and likes laces, Hisingen is also a Cancer, likewise favours a tan, but can’t be bothered with laces. Majorna and Hisingen both belong to the boot family.

Available from Wednesday, the two styles are the very first footwear offerings from Nudie jeans, a brand Clash was lucky enough to visit last month in their home city of Gothenburg. And go sailing with and make dinner with, two activities that would no doubt have benefitted from the boots’ strong grip soles and comfortable leather inner.

‘We love jeans, so we made our own boots’ reads the press release. An interesting statement, perhaps even a little confusing, but given the effect a bad pair of shoes can have on a great pair of jeans – you’d be surprised – one that makes perfect sense in our opinion. 

Made from ecological Swedish leather, the label’s footwear follows wholeheartedly in the positive ethos the brand has entertained since day one.


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