Nail brand introduces trend based service.

The nail trend has long since lost it's fad status, passed cult and become an essential as necessary as finding a decent pair of jeans. Except for certain members of the female Clash staff-who type with mascara lodged behind their nails (and are still looking for that pair)-for the rest of us a simple lick of paint has been replaced by pineapples, polka dots and pretty much anything else you can fit onto the tiny space.

Being the long term nail devotees that they are, Nails inc have had a bit of a brainwave where your talons are concerned. With the introduction of their Guest Manicure service, each season sees them pick a focus and run with it; above, the Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs SS13 inspired Monochrome Manicure (available now). In just 15 minutes customers nails will be shaped, painted and polished, coming out the other side bang on trend. Next time it's denim, guesses for the inspiration?

Until 7th April at Nails inc nail bars.


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