New project sees Lee Cooper introduce four creatives.

Creative 'types' playing model isn't a new idea, but it's not a bad idea either. Good looking imagery paired with learning about someone you'd unlikely hear of otherwise, could never exactly be called a waste of time, you know? Luckily Lee Cooper have had the same idea and bagged four of these types, all whom happen to be based in London. The result is a campaign shot and filmed across a sunny city landscape-concrete and rooftops-of denim clad young things. To Lee Cooper they represent 'the future of their respective crafts', to Clash they seem like people we'd like to know.

Clara Lacy studied Illustration at Camberwell College of Art and today prefers lead pencil for her drawings of birds in the trees, while Alexander Bradley describes himself as an 'audio craftsman', which essentially is as it says on the tin; he likes to craft audio. Alice Mendelowitz is a former student at Chelsea College of Art and unlike Clara, enjoys the chaos of painting; lastly James Tanner-above and below-makes Art Nouveau inspired jewellery. Without sounding too much like a narrator in a Disney film, together they give a hint of the next possible turn in London's creative arts.


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